ESRD Magnet & Stethoscope

Vascular Specialists of Central Florida is here to help you understand your access.

Understanding Your Access

  • Access has a normal bruit (swishing sound)
  • Access has a normal thrill (vibration)
  • After dialysis it is normal to have bleeding 15 minutes or less

Need to Come See One of Our Providers

  • If your access goes from a swishing sound to a whistle
  • If you are having swelling in arm or hand
  • During dialysis if you feel cold or painful hand
  • After dialysis if you are bleeding more than 15 minutes

Urgent: Call Vascular Specialists of Central Florida immediately at 407-648-4323 if:

  • If your access has no thrill, no sound or you hear a thump
  • If you notice redness, swelling, pain, or your skin is warm to touch
  • If you experience unexpected bleeding at your access site
  • If you notice a thin skinned, shiny, and/or pulsing aneurysm
  • If you have a broken or clotted catheter

If you have any questions or issues with your access please call 407-648-4323.

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