Whether you need treatment for a chronic vascular condition or you just want your legs to look their very best, our team of experts is here to help.

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At Vascular Specialists of Central Florida, our vascular specialists, clinical staff and administrative staff are highly trained and able to assist you throughout every aspect of your vascular care.

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“I have no pain in the
legs anymore. It’s just
a complete life change
for me.”

– Raymond, Aortobifemoral Bypass

Raymond’s Story

“I can wear capris and
shorts again. I show
everybody and anybody
my legs.”

– Gwyn, Sclerotherapy

Gwyn’s Story

“I had no side effects
whatsoever. It was just
great, I was in no pain
at all.”

– Cecil, Atherosclerosis

Cecil’s Story

Get the Legs You
Always Wanted

Sclerotherapy is the procedure used
to treat unwanted small vessels,
called spider veins, usually found
on the thighs and calves.

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Vein before and after photo
Thompson and patient

A 15 Minute Screening
Could Save Your Life

Early vascular disease detection
can significantly reduce the risks of
subsequent disability and death from
vascular disease.

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